Podcast: Natural Selection Episode 010 – On a Wing and a Scare

The tenth episode of mine and Dave’s creature feature podcast is now live. 

Per the episode description:

After a brief lockdown hiatus, this month we return with a look at the inadvertently topical BATS (1999) and its made-for-SyFy sequel, BATS: HUMAN HARVEST (2007). Warning: contains gushing enthusiasm, exasperated disappointment, and tongue-in-cheek paranoia.

Check it out in our podcast section or find it in all the usual places: Podbean, Spotify, Stitcher, YouTube, iTunes, etc!

As always, please feel free to like, share and subscribe. But more than anything, just let us know what you think! I mean, what’s the point in talking about movies if you’ve got no one to talk back with?!

Natural Selection - Episode 10

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