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Charles Band

Without a Trace: Ryan Brookhart talks Straight from Hell (2015)

Here’s a trivia question for all you Charles Band fanatics: Aside from the iconic producer, whose name is most frequently listed on all physical media releases from Full Moon Features? Hands up who said Ryan Brookhart? Indeed, for the best... Continue Reading →

Puppet on a Shoestring: Andrew Jones talks Robert the Doll

'There's a new Puppet Master in town' screams the cheeky tagline from the third Robert the Doll movie; ironically, Andrew Jones may well be the natural successor to Charles Band, and here he tells Dave about his love for Full... Continue Reading →

Killjoy’s Psycho Circus (2016)

2017 will see the publication of a new book on Charles Band’s Full Moon Pictures. Assembled and co-written by Dave Jay, author of Empire of the Bs, Matty Budrewicz and I were honoured to contribute a couple of chapters which... Continue Reading →

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