The Junkyard Vault

DTV Junkyard: Bastion of the maligned and champion of the neglected. With a clear remit that stipulates no screeners, no favours, and no kowtowing to film companies, the Junkyard was established in January 2015 to provide spin-free opinion on the UK’s direct-to-video industry. Here’s a handy index to discover each of the 327 schlocky delights […]

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DTV Junkyard 95

Dave Wain’s essential breakdown of this week’s cavalcade of straight-to-disc treats. Step inside the DTV Junkyard… Two films into the career of the Piccolo brothers, Maurizio and Roberto, and I must admit I wasn’t really overly enamoured by what I’d seen so far. I found both The Hounds (2011) and Evil Souls (2015) to be […]

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