Giantess Battle Attack! (2022): Big Bad Mamas

Or should that be ‘mammaries’? Matty gets to grips with Jim Wynorski’s latest Full Moon epic.

Announced as ‘Revenge of the 50 Foot Camgirl’, this quickly assembled Full Moon sequel was retitled GIANTESS BATTLE ATTACK! to explicitly cash in on the increasing popularity of the giantess fetish. According to Pornhub (God bless ‘em), demand for XXX content centred around colossally-sized women has grown year on year for the past half a decade; and returning scripter/helmer team Kent Roudebush and Jim Wynorski have clearly done their homework in regards to what sets macrophiliac loins aflame. Though Attack of the 50 Foot Camgirl (2022) had the obligatory, Kaiju-inspired big babe catfight, Giantess Battle Attack! feels more in tune with the particulars of GTS lust. Basically, those electrified by the thought of gargantuan chicks crushing and stomping on things, or — wildest of all — being able to go spelunking inside a massive vagina should be more than satisfied. For everyone else — well, Roudebush and Wynorski’s deliberately kitschy romp is as charmingly watchable as its predecessor. 

Still chaste on the proper T&A front (a sign of the times, sadly; the type of softcore Wynorski used to specialise in is long dead), Giantess Battle Attack! has enough light sexiness and end-of-the-pier humour to make it an entertaining sixty minutes. Picking up five months after the events of Camgirl, the film’s plot finds a down-on-her-luck Beverly Wood (the ludicrously hot Ivy Smith) reduced to utilising her epic proportions as a labourer on a construction site (the ‘Sugar Hills Quarry’ — a very funny in-joke) managed by kindly new beau Mike (Wynorski’s Bone Eater (2007) and Gila! (2012) star Brian J. Gross). There are some interesting character-building touches early on as Beverly laments her fall from internet fame and heartbreakingly lets the words of two workplace bullies get to her despite her obvious physical power over them. However, the thrust of the narrative concerns a pair of rival behemothic beauties vying for Brobdingnagian supremacy: first, a hulking extraterrestrial hottie, Spa-Zor (Kiersten Hall), hellbent on intergalactic domination; and second, a towering tattoo-covered titan, Anna Conda (Masuimi Max), operating at the behest of Brian (Steve Altman, billed as ‘Dexter Ward’, the lovable dolt he played in Wynorski’s ace horror spoof Transylvania Twist (1989)), the vengeance-hungry father of Beverly’s slimy ex (who, of course, was motorboated into submission in Camgirl). 

While a mite technically sloppy on occasion due to its rapid production, and slightly too reliant on overly aggressive insult comedy, Giantess Battle Attack! is a bright and airily lensed number robustly performed by a game cast. Lisa London and Frankie Cullen reprise their roles from Camgirl, and the rest of the film’s ensemble is completed by stunners such as porn starlet Kira Noir (who recently appeared in Full Moon’s Femalien (1996) follow-ups Cosmic Crush (2020) and Starlight Saga (2022)) and Wynorski regulars Gail Thackray, Deborah Dutch and Becky LeBeau. Naturally, the latter also provides a banging song for Giantess Battle Attack!’s end credits. 

Jeff Leroy’s miniatures are as excellent as they were in Camgirl, and Wynorski’s boisterous direction is gloriously high spirited. Best are the scenes that take place on Spa-Zor’s tit-shaped home planet, Buxomus, which the Chopping Mall (1986) maestro renders with a wonderful, Flash Gordon (1980)-esque sheen (kudos to cinematographer/VFX artist/composer/general Wynorski stalwart Chuck Cirino).

USA ● 2022 ● Comedy, Sci-Fi ● 60mins

Ivy Smith, Brian J. Gross, Kiersten Hall, Masuimi Max ● Dir. Jim Wynorski ● Wri. Kent Roudebush, from a story by Jim Wynorski & Kent Roudebush

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