The Los Angeles Ripper (2011)

Troma are renowned for the quality (be it Troma quality) of their in-house productions, the latest – Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1 comes to UK DVD in July. Their acquisitions however vary quite dramatically from the woeful (mentioning no names) to the pretty damned fine, for example Killer Nerd (1991), Cannibal! The Musical […]

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Kiss of the Damned (2012)

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with vampire movies. Growing up I was spellbound by the terrifying glare of Bela Lugosi in the classic Universal Horrors, while The Lost Boys (1987) came out when I was ten and proved to be a defining movie in my adolescence. Meanwhile I have to confess Blade (1998) didn’t […]

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Killjoy Goes to Hell (2012)

Killjoy is a rarity amongst horror franchises as it actually improves with each successive sequel. Despite being an avid collector of everything Full Moon over the last twenty years, I must admit that Killjoy and its first sequel always seemed to lurk at the back of my collection – out of sight, out of mind. […]

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John Dies at the End (2012)

The great Don Coscarelli created Phantasm, one of my favourite horror series of all time, and in recent years has been lauded for bringing Joe Lansdale’s novella to the screen in the cult-tastic Bubba Ho-Tep. His new film, John Dies at the End keeps him in Bubba’s territory of the trippy scenario as he adapts […]

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Jack’s Motel (2012)

I’m of the age where Corey Feldman still represents cool. The star of such iconic 80s movies like The Goonies (1985), Stand By Me (1986) and of course The Lost Boys (1987) will always be the Corey of 25 years ago irrespective of what kind of b-movies he shows up in nowadays. Besides, The Lost […]

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Into the Dark (2012)

A common attribute of film distributors is an ability to be incredibly cunning – and I mean that in a nice way. Metrodome have this little chiller, billed as coming from the director of Breaking Dawn (which it is) and no doubt they’ll see the sales charts spike immediately as a couple of thousand bored […]

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