Schlock & Awedio: Ring of Darkness (2004)

In the first of a new feature, Matty and Dave chat David DeCoteau’s zombie boyband flick.

Happy New Year!

And what better way to start 2021 than by listening to me and Dave waffle all about a David DeCoteau film?

Below you’ll find the first of what we hope will be a semi-regular/as-and-when/time permitting feature, Schlock & Awedio: a collection of free to listen audio commentaries devoted to some of our favourite movies, recorded whenever the mood takes us.

This time, it’s maestro DeCoteau’s kooky zombie boyband flick, RING OF DARKNESS (2004), on the docket:

Dig out your old VHS or DVD, or give Ring a stream/rent online, and give us a listen!

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