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The Bones of It: Skeletons (1997) in Conversation with David DeCoteau

From the vault of Zombie Hamster: Matty's epic 2015 chinwag with cult filmmaker David DeCoteau, who discusses his underrated 1997 thriller Skeletons in this unprecedented, career-encompassing interview.

From Rowdy to Rutger: Director Peter Svatek Looks Back on his Career

A Witchboard sequel, a Roddy Piper movie and a slice of Rutger Hauer greatness. Any director with that titanic trilogy on his resume should really be better known, but the name Peter Svatek remains elusive to most genre fans. Dave... Continue Reading →

The Devil in the Detail: Richard Brandes and a Decade on the Filmmaking Front Line

The name Richard Brandes may not be the first to trip off the tongue in a misty-eyed reminiscence of '90s genre stalwarts, but perhaps that's an oversight that needs correcting. Dave caught up with the writer, producer, director and occasional... Continue Reading →

Revenger’s Tragedy: From Beyond the Grave (1996)

Plucked from the vault of dear ol' Zombie Hamster, Matty takes a look at John Eyres' rollicking, straight-to-video riff on Wes Craven's Shocker; the surprisingly poignant From Beyond the Grave.

Requiem For a Bad Guy: Dr. Viallini & Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor (1990)

Matty casts his eye over Glenn Takakjian's icky sci-schlocker, and the sharp-suited bad guy at its gooey centre. This one's for you, Dr. V...

From Swords to Schlockery: John Terlesky On His Path To The Director’s Chair

“John... John… I just sold a movie to this company, and I told ‘em I had a script, and erm… Can you write a script in two weeks?” It was the New York lilt of Jim Wynorski that guided John... Continue Reading →

It’s All Relative: C. Courtney Joyner Recalls Distant Cousins (1993)

It’s the nineties. The first wave of a futureproof new format is being developed with the Digital Versatile Disc, and VHS is enjoying consecutive record years for sales. Times are good. The video rental industry is thriving and more films... Continue Reading →

Second Thoughts on Double Take (1998): Reflections on a Mark L. Lester thriller

The name Mark Lester seems to be forever suffixed with the bracketed addition of Class of 1984 (1982), Firestarter (1984) and Commando (1985), which are all rightly considered momentous motion pictures. But, this being Zombie Hamster, our main focus of Lester-led adoration lies... Continue Reading →

A Kind of Blue: The Sultry Noir of Midnight Blue (1997)

Picture it, if you will; the millennium is fast approaching and VHS is enjoying a record year for sales to which it will never equal again. Times are good. The video rental industry is booming, and accompanying such success is... Continue Reading →

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