88 Films

Matty and Dave have enjoyed a successful partnership with 88 Films since 2016, working on a freelance basis to contribute booklets, audio commentaries, rear copy, and acquisition advice on a variety of projects. 

They continue to work in tandem with this beloved British indie label, who offer them complete creative freedom and a never-ending supply of complimentary copies of Hellriser.

Here are the fruits of their labour:


511Christmas Evil: 

’12 Slays of Christmas’

Join Matty, Dave, and special guest Nate Roscoe as they curate a list of Noel-based nightmares, some you might have heard of, some you might not.




Terror Train:

Take a train journey into terror with Jamie Lee Curtis in this Classic Slasher film from director Roger Spottiswoode – and let the seductive tones of Matty and Dave thrill you in their debut audio commentary!




Anaconda Quadrilogy:

‘Squeezy Does It: Anaconda & The Creature Feature Legacy’

A commemorative 42 page booklet that details the making of the original ‘Conda and its sequels, with a selected history of  Millennial Creature Features and SyFy Originals thrown in for good measure. Features interviews with key series players Hans Bauer, Ed Neumeier, Michael Miner, Dwight H. Little, John Claflin, and Don E. FauntLeRoy.



503Hollow Man / Hollow Man 2 Collector’s Edition:

‘Fleshing Out the Hollow Men’

A commemorative 42 page booklet that gives a potted history of the Invisible Man on the big screen, a look at Paul Verhoeven’s penchant for violence, and a love letter to the DTV sequel. Features interviews with Hollow Man screenwriter Andrew H. Marlowe, and Hollow Man 2 helmer Claudio Fah.



504Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh:

The sequel to Clive Barker’s original 1993 shocker, this 1995 follow-up brings the ever-threatening hook-handed bogeyman back to the big screen. Let Matty and Dave guide you through this gory Mardi Gras with their 16 page analysis of the film, which includes an interview with the movie’s screenwriter, Mark Kruger.



505Night of the Demons 2:

‘Party Hearty!’

An oral history of Night of the Demons 2 and the ’90s/’00s career of Ozploitation icon Brian Trenchard-Smith, as told by screenwriter Joe Augustyn, editor Daniel Duncan, and Trenchard-Smith himself.



507 Creepozoids: 

‘Acid Rain & Bio-Goo: A Look Back at Creepozoids’

An early team-up between B-movie maestro Charles Band and his most trusted lieutenant, David DeCoteau, join Matty and Dave as they take you through the history of this beloved Alien knock-off with a little help from screenwriter Dave Eisenstark.



508 One Dark Night: 

‘The Ghoul Tube: The Directorial Career of Tom McLoughlin, from One Dark Night to Lifetime’

Despite a career in which he’s chiefly remembered as the director of Friday 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Tom McLoughlin has a wealth of other credits to his name. In ‘The Ghoul Tube’, McLoughlin chats at length with Matty and Dave about his long and storied time in the film business.



509Slaughterhouse Rock:

‘A Life in Focus: An Interview with Cinematographer Nicholas von Sternberg’

Offspring of the iconic director Joseph von Sternberg, who’s fondly remembered for his work with Marlene Dietrich, Nicholas von Sternberg took a somewhat more left-field path during his career behind the camera, lensing a cacophony of cult movies like Tourist Trap, Joysticks, and Valet Girls. Here, he takes Matty and Dave through the most memorable recollections of his diverse back catalogue.



510Luther the Geek: 

‘Finger Lickin’ Good: The Chickens, Carnies & Carnage of Luther the Geek’

Fizzing with intensity and boasting one of the most unique villains in horror history, Luther the Geek received rave reviews from the likes of Gorezone and Fangoria upon its original release. In their accompanying booklet, Matty and Dave chart the making of Carlton Albright’s poultry-based slice of poetry, with the help of art director Lance Norris, FX guy Mike Tristano, and set dresser Troy Peters.




‘The Horror, The Horror: Mulling Over Frightmare’

Also known as ‘The Horror Star’, 1983 cult creeper Frightmare offered audiences postmodern shocks long before Wes Craven unleashed his game-changing Scream in 1996. In the booklet that accompanies this Blu-ray release, Matty and Dave consider Frightmare‘s place within the pantheon of meta-horror.



506Ghost Town:

‘A Fistful of Corpses’

The curious case of Ghost Town was one that baffled legions of Empire / Full Moon fanatics for years, with tales of set unrest and the director removed from the shoot. Thirty years later, it’s time to reveal what actually happened, and who the man credited as ‘Richard Governor’ really is.